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Our Story

In 2017 Stacee moved to Yucaipa and went to a local event and was less than impressed with the lack of organization and advertising. After talking to some of the other vendors at that event, decided to have an event on her property and asked those vendors if they would be interested in coming.


About a month later they had an event at Stacee's home, did tons of advertising and had an incredible turnout. The vendors had a great camaraderie and wanted to continue to work together but couldn't find events that they could all work. The vendors did a couple more events at Stacee's home, and she started reaching out to local business owners to see if they would be willing to let her and the other vendor friends set up booths and assured the business owners that we would pay them for letting us use their facilities and promote their business and it became a huge hit with the businesses. Soon after other businesses started asking Stacee if the vendors could come to their businesses. We started adding more vendors and found out what the city and county required to host bigger events and to be in compliance. Just like that Where's The Event was born.

While coordinating one of our most successful and regular events, Oak Glen Farmers Market at Oak Glen Retreat and Tavern, Stacee met Amy. Amy, at the time, was just another vendor, selling her popcorn and other sweet treats. Amy and Stacee hit it off right away. Where's the Event was growing quite rapidly, and Stacee needed some help managing all the different events. She thought Amy was the perfect addition to the company, and they have been working together for the past four years. 

Katrina also met Stacee and Amy while being a vendor at the Oak Glen Farmers Market, selling her macrame back in 2020. Katrina became fast friends with the duo. Stacee realized Katrina had a knack for marketing and social media and asked her to help out with the company to help with advertising and really making our events well known to the public. 

Now, four years later, we are all part of a well-oiled company, Where's the Event. We have events all year round at many different types of facilities, including the Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon, Wildwood Canyon Villa, Ontario Reign, and many others.

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Wildwood Canyon Villa
Oak Glen Retreat
Yucaipa Valley Chamber of Commerce
Calimesa Event Center
Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon
Calimesa Chamber of Commerce
ChiPs For Kids
Ontario Reign

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